6.1 Customers have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days following receipt of the products. The withdrawal declaration must be notified in writing via Furlan Marri’s e-mail address. The dispatch date of the withdrawal declaration is relevant for compliance with the deadline. It is not necessary to state the reasons for cancellation. The withdrawal declaration must be sent to:
6.2 The withdrawal right is exercised in such a way that the sales contract is transformed into a cancellation, with the return of the services received under the contract. The consumer is obliged to return the received product to Furlan Marri in the original packaging, the protective sticker on the glass of the watch must still be present, together with all supplied accessories (including straps, accessories, packaging, certificate of origin and all other papers), without any trace of use, and within 14 days from the withdrawal declaration to Furlan Marri. The returning costs of the watch are to be supported by the consumer. Without all these conditions, the product has no resale value for a new consumer.
6.3 You must use a trackable shipping service and purchase shipping insurance. If you do not use a tracking service and purchase a shipping insurance and that the product is lost, Furlan Marri will not refund you.
6.4 Once paid, the purchase price shall be immediately refunded to the consumer, less the return costs upon receipt and inspection of the products, subject to a deduction from the price to be refunded in case of damage to the product or excessive wear and tear. Furlan Marri has the right to hold the refund until the product has been returned or until the consumer provides proof that the goods have been returned, whichever comes first.
6.5 Withdrawal rights are not applicable to limited edition watches and it will be communicated as such on the Website. This exception is due to the fact that limited editions are only sold for a specific period of time and cannot be sold again after a potential return. Pre-orders limited by time cannot be refund after the pre-order selling period, due to the fact that we need to produce the watches with the funds received. However, our customers have the right to be refunded before the end of the pre-order period.