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Two passionates. One common vision.

Portrait Andrea Furlan réalisé par Alex Teuscher
Andrea Furlan
Co-founder & lead designer
Portrait Hamad Furlan Marri
Hamad Al Marri
Co-founder & Artist
The Story of Andrea
Captain Creative

Andrea Furlan is a Swiss industrial designer (graduate from ECAL, Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne, Switzerland) who is passionate about the world of watchmaking from an early age. After working several years for prestigious brands (internships for Chopard, Hublot, Sarcar and HD3 Complication), notably for Dominique Renaud (founder of Renaud & Papi, one of the largest manufacturers who developed movements with complications for Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and Cartier among others), with whom he designed a complex watch called DR01 Twelve First. He moved to Asia and California after 4 years, where he became a watch design consultant for various major groups in mass production and online distribution. After several trips there, he met and worked directly with the most demanding partners who are now supporting him in the creation of the project, since November 2019.

" 15 years ago, my grandfather left me a watchmaker's cabinet filled with old tools, pocket watch components and letters from suppliers of the " Vallée de Joux " and " Le Brassus ". I believe that I developed a certain curiosity for vintage products and watch aesthetic in general since that moment. He also left me his watch, it had a story and that's what touched me. It is fascinating to know that behind every watch, whether diving, lost during the Second world war or belonging to a famous actor, one or more stories are hidden and are ready to be told. " - Andrea

The Story of Hamad
Watch collector and Artist

Hamad Al Marri is a watch collector and artist from the Middle East who studied business management in Australia. Since his childhood, he has been walking around auction houses and dreaming of incredible stories that watches could tell. His passion for independent watchmakers and watch finishing has never ceased, he brings his knowledge and insight into future collections and the vision of the brand. It's the first time both countries with their own stories partner together from sketch to development and production in the watch industry.

Both are entrepreneurs at heart and wish to offer collections with a story to tell, a strong character and imagine an uncompromising experience. Do not hesitate to contact us or to have a coffee together if you are visiting Geneva.

" I was 14 years old when my father gave me an Omega Seamaster as a gift. My love for watches in general came from this particular moment of happiness with my dad. Later, I particularly loved to see the watches sold at auctions, reading their stories and dreaming of having one of them on my wrist. " - Hamad

« We are two friends united by a common passion for watchmaking who strive for perfection, accepting that we will never arrive. »
The team

Passion and dedication

Portrait Camille Furlan Marri
Operations Manager
Portrait Laure Furlan Marri
Branding & Content Producer
Portrait Sylvain Furlan Marri
Product Designer
Portrait Manon Furlan Marri
Finance & administration
Portrait Khérédine Furlan Marri
The Story of Camille
Operations Manager

Camille joined the Furlan Marri team in February 2022 as Business & Operations Manager. Since she was a teenager, she has been passionate about the world of watchmaking, whether it's wristwatches, vintage clocks or auctions. This passion guided her after studying French literature and comparative politics, and she was lucky enough to work for two prestigious independent watchmaking houses before joining Furlan Marri.

"As Business & Operations Manager, my role is to coordinate various projects and oversee operations. What excites me most is to be involved in every project from A to Z, and to juggle a variety of tasks : logistics, operations, sales, press and communications. I particularly enjoy the diversity of my tasks, such as writing sales reports, monitoring assembly projects, interacting with customers, managing after-sales services, preparing events and collaborating with our suppliers."

camille wristshot furlan marri

"What resonates most with me at Furlan Marri are transparency and accessibility, as well as working on a human scale and strong relationships with our suppliers and partners. Versatility is our watchword, and every project is a real adventure."

She is inspired by the boldness of democratizing iconic designs and including our community in our projects and awards. This involvement allows her to see what works, identify possible improvements and receive positive feedback from our community, which is extremely gratifying.

Camille is passionate about French art, architecture and heritage, particularly the Gothic and Renaissance eras. Other hobbies include fencing, watchmaking, auctions and cars.

Her guilty pleasure : The Simpsons

The Story of Laure
Content & Branding Producer

Laure joined the Furlan Marri team in September 2023 as Branding & Content Producer. In her role, she oversees the brand's artistic direction, content creation, and communications. Coming from an established watchmaking house, she was eager to experience the dynamic and innovative environment of a burgeoning brand.

« As a Branding & Content Producer, my role is to craft and communicate the essence of Furlan Marri through visual and written narratives. I thrive on the diversity of my tasks, from conceptualizing artistic projects to producing content that resonates with our audience. The collaborative spirit and creative freedom at Furlan Marri are incredibly inspiring. »

From a young age, Laure has been deeply creative, driven by a passion for industrial design and arts. She pursued her artistic inclinations at the École des Beaux-Arts and further honed her expertise with a Master's degree in Luxury Marketing. Furlan Marri commitment to democratizing iconic designs deeply aligns with her own principles.

« I am obsessed with design and aesthetics. Architecture, furnitures, watches and cars are what fascinates me the most. They are the visual representation of one’s mind, telling stories through their design, curves and shadows, and the creativity required to create them. »

Her fascination with watches began when her father acquired his first luxury timepiece. She would often find herself captivated, sketching and marveling at its intricate details. This early exposure kindled a deep-seated passion for watchmaking.

In her personal time, Laure is passionate about vintage cars. Her love goes beyond aesthetics. Having spent her youth go-karting, she developed a keen interest in the mechanics and thrill of motorsports.

Her guilty pleasure : Week-end brunchs.

The Story of Sylvain
Product Designer

Sylvain has been a product designer on the Furlan Marri team since September 2023. His role consists of imagining, designing and conceiving the new watch collections as well as the products that surround the brand, under the hats of Andrea and Hamad.

" What excites me most about working at Furlan Marri is the opportunity to create and tell stories through unique watches. I appreciate the importance given to every aspect of the design process and strive to reflect these values in my daily work.

What inspires and motivates me daily in my role at Furlan Marri is the opportunity to collaborate with a talented and passionate team. Contributing to a brand that values creativity and originality pushes me to give my best. Every day is a new opportunity to push the boundaries of my imagination and help create exciting products.

Outside work, I'm passionate about sport, particularly soccer, where I'm a coach. I also have a keen interest in the world of sneakers, music, art and design. These hobbies fuel my creativity and bring me new perspectives that I incorporate into my daily work."

His guilty pleasure : Candys

The story of Manon
Finance & administration

Manon joined the team in November 2023 and is responsible for Furlan Marri's finance and administration. Her role involves overseeing several key areas that ensure the company's financial health and smooth operations, including financial forecasting, budgeting, financial analysis and administrative management.

"What I find most exciting about my job is the opportunity to contribute directly to the company's strategy and growth. Financial forecasting and budgeting allow me to anticipate future needs and effectively plan resources, ensuring prudent and proactive management. "

The Furlan Marri values that resonate most with Manon are precision, innovation and respect for tradition.

"Precision is a fundamental value that inspires me deeply. Working for a watch company where every detail counts and quality is essential is extremely motivating. In my role, rigor and precision are principles I try to apply on a daily basis. "

For Manon, working in an environment that encourages innovation and improvement is very stimulating.

"I like the synergy between watchmaking heritage and constant innovation. Working in a company that values both tradition and modernity creates a unique and dynamic environment that pushes me to give my best. "

The Story of Khérédine

Khérédine is doing an internship as Sales & Operations at Furlan Marri. As the team is small, he is required to work on a wide variety of assignments.

"I'm really passionate about working in a company on a human scale, because it gives me a close relationship with each and every one of my colleagues. I also appreciate the versatility: being able to touch on various aspects of the business without being limited to my initial missions. This enables me to develop cross-functional skills and contribute more broadly to the company's success. This dynamic motivates me and gives me the desire to invest myself fully every day."

"Secondly, Furlan Marri stands out for its honesty and integrity, both in the information it communicates and in the fairness of the prices it sets. Transparency is therefore also a fundamental value that I share with the company, in the interests of honesty with our customers."

"I played competitive basketball for ten years, and the sport remains a passion for me. At the same time, I've had the opportunity to do some theater and I'm turning more and more to tennis, a sport I find both stimulating and rewarding."

« Furlan Marri is a tribute to our family members, who have kept both of us so passionate during all these years. We are here to create experiences, tell stories, produce timeless design with the highest standard and make this story last for future generations. »
Andrea & Hamad
Our philosophy

Transparency & Values

Salmon Sector production Furlan Marri
Transparency is the key
Andrea Furlan and Hamad Al Marri sketching
In-House Creativity
À l'abordage Lausanne event Furlan Marri
Caseback Mechaquartz
A daily reminder of the past
Salmon Sector production Furlan Marri
Transparency is the key
Where do we manufacture?

Transparency is essential to avoid any confusion about our products. After months of collaboration with suppliers, we source, design and manufacture our components in different regions:

- In Hong Kong and Japan for the production of the majority of our components
- In Italy and France for straps and accessories
- In Switzerland for Swiss made projects, prototype stage and the design

Our warehouses are located in Switzerland, Hong Kong or in the USA in order to optimize shipments according to customer location.

Buckle Furlan Marri art
In-House Creativity

All our products are imagined, designed (hand sketches) and pre-prototyped (3D-printed case) in Geneva, Switzerland, in our office and showroom.

With over a decade of experience in high-end watchmaking, we pay meticulous attention to details. We produce our 3D renderings, marketing content and pre-prototypes in-house, ensuring fast and efficient decision-making, while controlling all stages of the process with our dear partners and suppliers.

buckle cow horns lugs-furlan-marri

We ensure that we are always accessible via our social networks, do not hesitate to come and say " Hi ". To develop the brand together, we talk to our customers every day to find out how they feel and what they'd like to see, so that they're an integral part of the process. We're also in constant contact with collectors and customers from all over the world, so that we can show off our prototypes before any product launch and receive precious feedback.

We want to offer products with an extreme care for details. By offering mostly direct distribution to our customers, we can focus on finishing and adding value to the product, while keeping the prices accessible.

Caseback Mechaquartz
A daily reminder of the past

Furlan Marri serves as a daily reminder to those who gave so much by the past. We are the sums of the things we've done, the people we cherish and the places we've been. That's why we want to bring you a fabulous experience into our fascinating world full of stories.

We want to offer products with an extreme care for details. Having that little “extra” that makes all the difference, such as packaging that is also designed to be used in other circumstances, or details that were found in vintage watches and tend to be lost today.

GPHG Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie de Genève - Furlan Marri Andrea Furlan Hamad Al Marri
What are our ambitions?

We are the sums of the things we've done, the people we cherish and the places we've been.

That's why we want to bring you a fabulous experience into our fascinating world full of stories. We want to offer products with an extreme care for details. By offering mostly direct distribution to our customers, we can focus on finishing and adding value to the product, while proposing attractive prices.
Andrea and Hamad sketching
Furlan Marri Inside Adrien
Furlan Marri Inside


Introducing Furlan Marri Inside, a series dedicated to our community and their relationship to watches. Discover the stories behind Furlan Marri watches through the journey, the challenges and the memories of those who wear them.
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