Where are your products manufactured?

We source components from all over the world and choose to work with the best suppliers, rather than limiting ourselves geographically. We do our design and pre-prototyping stage (3D printed case, first test) in Switzerland, to make sure we control every details before going further with prototyping and pre-production. All media, renderings (CGI), hand sketches and website are done personally in Geneva Switzerland as well.

Can you tell me more about where you source and how you work ?

Transparency is necessary to avoid any confusion about our products. Thanks to travels spent meeting the best suppliers and working with them to understand their process for months before our first prototypes, we design, source and manufacture our components in 3 different regions:

Hong Kong and Japan for most of the components.

Italy and France for our straps and accessories.

The assembly will vary according to the type of project and the people who are more efficient with movements. Swiss made projects will be assembled in Switzerland. Mecaquartz projects in Hong Kong.

We have several warehouses in different parts of the world, so we can optimise shipping depending the location of the customers. It can be Hong Kong, USA or Switzerland. For Mecaquartz movements, we will ship them from HK and/or USA. For swiss made movements, we will ship from Switzerland.

All our products are imagined, sketched, designed and pre-prototyped (3D printed case) in Geneva, Switzerland, in our design studio, in the same city of François Borgel's workshop, who was among the greatest case manufacturer by the past (patent of the first waterproof screwed caseback with gasket in 1931) and supplied many watch cases that are iconic today.

What currency are your products priced in?

For orders placed on our website via Visa/ MasterCard, all products are priced in Swiss Francs (CHF).

Why do you propose ephemeral products ?

In order to provide an optimal customer experience, to develop our brand with the right investment and be closer to our community, we aim to tell ephemeral stories about our products. Thanks to this, we can focus on the product in question and its world, at a specific time. Each story (= new technical development) will therefore be produced for a certain time. Once the references are sold out, we will stop producing them and move on to another reference/story. Our customers will have priority access to the new developments and products, for a certain time, before public access. In the form of pre-sales, we will produce the exact number of orders received. This is to avoid any waste of stock so we can better focus on new product developments. We will not take orders in advance and will not have waiting lists for our products, to avoid frustration when changing collections during the year.

More than that, we will also have permanent collection for some references. Once it is out of stock, those collections will be there again, after we produced a new batch.

How many stories are you working on right now ? (from April 2021)

We are working on 5 new stories (new developments for 2021-2023) and we wrote 11 new stories for the next years to come, some of the stories will include special projects and advanced researches or limited edition movements.

Why this first story about Mechaquartz ?

Mechaquartz movements were first invented in Switzerland and Japan during the quartz crisis in the late 80's. In Switzerland, Piguet and LeCoultre were the first to invent this particular movement. In Japan, Seiko took an advantage by making this movement more open to the actual market. Because of quartz movements, some watchmakers wanted to bring back the feeling of a sweeping second hand that could only be found on a mechanical watch at that time. They invented a mechanical module that could be use with the quartz battery. Furlan Marri wants to tell the story of "Mechaquartz", as it is also part of the swiss watchmaking History.

Are your prices inclusive of local taxes and import duties?

Our prices do not include import duties and other applicable taxes. These are the responsibility of the customer and will be billed to you by our logistic partners or your local customs authority on delivery. We ship our watches either from Hong Kong for Mecaquartz watches, Switzerland for Swiss made watches but can also be shipped from different warehouses in the world. Local duties and VAT are due upon the delivery of our watches and this will depends on your country (Switzerland is not part of the European Union). It's a normal process that e-commerce brands have, as they don't have boutiques to include or charge local taxes. For example, France customers will have to pay about 20% more or less, India can be up to 48% and Switzerland 7,7%. USA have a treshold of USD 800. If customers don't want to pay the taxes, the product will be returned to us and we will have to deduct those fees from the refund, as local government taxes cannot be refunded. Please make sure of your decision before refusing to pay government taxes an duties, as sometimes it can be more appropriate to keep the product.

What shipping services do you use?

All our products are shipped via Fedex Express, DHL Express, UPS Express, Aramex Express and others depending on the countries, with tracking number and worldwide insurrance. All swiss made collections, for example the Three Hands Story, will be shipped from Switzerland with DHL Express. Our Mecaquartz Line will be shipped with FedEx, DHL or Aramex depending the countries.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide but we are not able to ship to the following countries: Israel, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Russia, Ukraine and The Crimea.

What is your returns policy?

We offer a full refund, less shipping fees, for all our watches provided unless if it's a limited edition product (because we cannot resell them online). All limited edition products are mentionned on their specific product page. The watch can be sent back to us within 14 days of receipt, unworn and in a resellable condition, means it has all its accessories and protective packaging still intact. We do not cover the costs of returning an item. However, as a business, we also need to be able to resell any returned products. We unfortunately cannot accept a return if the watch has been worn and have scratches. For more and clear understanding please read our Terms (CGV in french).

Do you provide any warranty ?

Our watches carry an international warranty up to 24 months, starting from the date of delivery.

What is covered and not covered by the warranty?

The warranty is intended to cover any technical issues that are a result of issues during production or assembly. Damage due to improper use. Activities such as (but not limited to) playing golf, using a power drill, go-karting can damage your timepiece. This is not covered by the warranty. Forgetting to push the crown back or start the chronograph functions before a swim is also an example of user mistakes and something that is not covered under the warranty. Trying to disassemble a watch by yourself or having your local watchmaker do it automatically voids the warranty. For more informations, please contact us or read our Terms. Heat blued steel and AR coatings on glasses will wear and the wearing pattern varies form individual to individual based on use case. This wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

How can I track my order ?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive tracking information via email. If you haven't received an email, please contact us by email at support@furlanmarri.com and we will resend you the tracking information. Allow 48h before writting to us.

What should I do if my tracking number is not working ?

New tracking numbers usually take about 24 hours to activate from the time you receive your shipping confirmation. If it's been more than 24 hours and your tracking number still isn't working, contact us by email at support@furlanmarri.com and we'll help ensure you get your package ! Please note that we do not deliver during the weekend.

How can I be sure my watch is a genuine Furlan Marri product ?

For a peace of mind, purchase only through our official site (www.furlanmarri.com) or authorized retailers listed on our website.

When will you ship my order ?

Your order is systematically taken care of by our team 30 minutes after after the order (excluding weekends and public holidays). Depending on the stock available, your watch can be prepared within 24-48 hours after a final quality control check. However, if it's in the case of a pre-order to finance the production stage, the shipping of the watch will be done later (it will be written on the pre order page). A new production of story can take up to 3-4 months, even later, depending on the orders. This will also be written on the pre-order page.

What should I do if my product arrives damage ?

We are here to make things right for you. We kindly ask you to contact us before returning your parcel, you have 48h to do it. Please include the following information in your email: 1- Your order number and complete name. 2- Your complete shipping address. 3- Pictures of the defective/damaged/incomplete product(s).

Are the watches waterproof ?

All of our watches are waterproof up to 50 meters (5 atm). For other collections, waterproof can be up to 200 meters (20 atm) and more. However, we would recommend avoiding contact with water if you are wearing a leather bracelet. After contact with seawater, it's essential to clean your watch with fresh water.

Do you offer custom engravings ?

No, we don't offer this option for the moment. NB: Our caseback can be engraved when we do a partnership or special limited edition. Our case is engraved at 6 hour between the lugs with a unique serial number, when we are doing a pre-sale campaign like we did on Kickstarter. This can be modified depending the stories.

Where are you based ?

The headquarters as well as our studio are both based in Geneva, Switzerland. We ship to over 100 countries around the globe from our different warehouses located in Hong Kong, USA and Switzerland. We are easily reachable through our social media pages or by email. We answer during weekdays swiss time and we are happy to welcome you to take a coffee and discuss watches or design here in Switzerland. We also have a team in Riyadh, in the Middle East, in arabic langage, so we can provide a full experience.

Do you offer appointments in Geneva ?

Our showroom and offices are located in Rue du Nant 25, 1207 Geneva (Furlan Marri SA). If you plan to visit Geneva, don’t hesitate to contact us in advance to plan a meeting, enjoy a coffee with us and see the collection.

More questions ?

We guarantee that we are always accessible via our social networks so that we can listen to your opinions and desires and develop the brand together, so that the product is a perfect fit for you. We are also in permanent contact with collectors from all over the world and enthusiasts, so that we can listen to their opinions. You can contact us by phone (+41 (0) 22 567 07 57) or by email (support@furlanmarri.com). We will answer all your questions.