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Assemble your own watch. Leave with your Furlan Marri on your wrist. A new experience in the old town of Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2022, we will propose to our visitors, customers, collectors and friends a new concept introduced by the brand. It will be possible to assemble your own Furlan Marri wristwatch, in the old town of Geneva, Switzerland. You will be able to assemble the dial, the hands, the case and the straps of one of our watches, discuss with a professional watchmaker in a 2-3 hours workshop and enjoy a drink with the team. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to leave with your Furlan Marri watch on your wrist.

Step 1

Launch of the pre-order

The first step is the launch of the pre-order window directly on the product page. Generally, we open the pre orders between one (1) to ten (10) days.

Step 2

End of the pre-order

As soon as the pre-order window closes, we start production of the main components and orders received. We usually pre-pay for some components and movements, in order to start production in advance and to be quicker on delivery dates.

Step 3

Delivery of the first orders

We will begin the delivery of the first orders, by order date. As soon as the watch is ready for shipping, the customers will receive a notification with the tracking number.

Step 4

Delivery of the following orders

The following orders will continue to be shipped, by batch of "x" items per day. The customers will receive a notification with tracking numbers as soon as the watch is ready to be shipped.